11th grade project : TPE

The robot we made during the project

The “Travaux personnels encadrés” are an assignement you have to do in groups during the 1ère shool year in France (corresponding to the 11th grade in the U.S.). This assignment has then to be presented to the teachers on a platform.

With my group, we decided to host our work on a website, which is available here.

We decided to study the bat and it’s echolocation system, and to illustrate the working principle with an Arduino robot that avoids objects using ultrasonic sensors.

A part of the challenge was building a website from scratch, using html, php and css in a text editor, without the use of WordPress or such.

The final mark we had at the exam was 18/20.

Disclaimer :

  • This work is entirely written in French. No english translation is available.
  • Some errors can be found in this work.

Link to Travaux personnels encadrés

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