Typewriter collection

I own a little collection of typewriters and calculating machines.

What draws me to these objects, is that altough they are outdated and obsolete today, they were once used daily, regarded as normal machines, or even as luxury items, as the newest technology money could get. How did the new owner of a brand new Royal or Olivetti feel ? He had to be happy and proud of it !


  • BOB 315

Simple, easy, and with an iconic typeface.

BOB 315
  • Canon QS 60

How modern ! No more smacking noises, no more uneven letters ! This is the future, I assure you !

  • Canon S-61

Portable, so you could bring it home from work. I can even store digitally WHOLE PAGES of text ! Can you imagine ?

  • Olivetti Praxis 48

Its design and the fact that it is mechanically assisted makes this one my favourite of all.

Calculating machines

  • Vaucanson

I refurbished and fixed this one ! And it works like a charm, once you learn how to, that is…

  • Unknown machine

Still a work in progress…

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