Building a whip out of paracord

As always, my wandering on the internet led me to my next project. That’s how I found Adam Winrich, a artist which practices cracking whips for a living. He does very rapid and synchronized whip cracking shows, which I found amazing. This guy has beaten 16 whip-related world records !

So my research ensued and I found that Adam Savage, the host from the show Mythbusters, had also build a whip from a kangaroo hide. It looked awesome, and he even put it in a plexiglass display case !

And so I realized at which point whips are cool, how they can be extremely loud (sometimes gunshot loud) and how many techniques existed to use them. Example : Anthony De Longis which worked for the Indiana Jones movies demonstrates some techniques :

So in the end, I decided I wanted a whip too. The appropriate way I found to do so was building it out of paracord, a 5mm nylon type of rope. Among other sources, I used this tutorial on Instructables.

It took me two days of endless braiding at the end of which I had blisters on the tip of my fingers, but in the end, the result turned out really nice :

The whip once finished
Close up of the red and black braids
There I am cracking it

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